High Intensity Discharge Bulbs For Home

High intensity discharge bulbs are a unique style of LED bulb that looks like regular incandescent bulbs, but with three times the current output. The best feature about HID lights is that they provide lighting that is brighter and whiter than regular incandescent bulbs. What makes these high intensity discharge bulbs stand out from traditional bulbs is that they can be used in applications where traditional bulbs just don't perform well. The three main uses for these types of bulbs are in a high intensity advertising campaign, in the retail space, and as backlight products.
Many people are familiar with the use of these bulbs in television advertising, however they are also known for the lighting they provide in the high intensity theaters that have become a part of the movie and theater experience. High intensity discharge, or HID, bulbs offer bright lighting that consumers expect when watching movies in movie theaters.

While the bulbs are originally designed for use in the media, they have been modified to work well in the high intensity area of the steel industry. These LEDs offer more heat transfer and do not get hot as easily as traditional incandescent bulbs. Hidelights are ideal for the in-home entertainment space. The lamps tend to be a little on the larger side, however, the average home theatre system requires an approximately 40-watt bulb.

The brightest lamp found on the market today is the LED, which has no phosphor that produces light of any sort. This means that the actual LED needs to be very bright and will get quite hot when it is at full brightness. While the typical incandescent bulb is smaller than the LED, it does have the benefit of being able to withstand a greater temperature rise than the LED. Because of this, you do need to be careful when switching your LEDs from cold to warm.

Many companies that produce HID bulbs are advertising that their bulbs have longer life spans than traditional incandescent bulbs. If you are looking for life span for your HID, then you may want to consider purchasing the average life span of 5-10 years, and then you will notice significant increases in the quality of your home theater or television viewing experience. When choosing high intensity discharge bulbs for use in high intensity advertising campaigns, you will want to check to see how long the bulb has been around. It is very rare that they are guaranteed for longer than three years, but you may have better luck shopping online.